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Thank you for considering 4M Software. We believe you’ll see what makes 4M Software’s medical marketing capabilities so valuable for today’s medical practices and hospitals.
Our journey from mainstream marketing into medical marketing began about 10 years ago. One of the most shocking observations we made back then was the lack of basic marketing matrices and ratio formulas being used. Considering these tools can be used to quantify results and build long-term marketing and growth plans, we thought this was a major disadvantage. We took this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our services to doctors and show them how we could make their office and staff work much more efficiently, everything from setting up appointments to following up with patients. 
In addition to building a clientele of over 100 medical offices, Russ Savarese (4M CEO) was asked to take the CEO position at the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics (ACE), a dental organization of over 400 members. With the added responsibility of vendors with various products and services, he saw the need to incorporate features that would allow vendors to market for the doctors from their patient list. Let's be up front; if the vendors leave the marketing of their products to the doctors, there would be few to no sales. On the flip side if the vendors could supply the doctor with patients looking for the product or services, it would be a huge win, win. 4M Software is designed to be used by individual medical offices, groups, associations and marketing companies. The goal is to introduce real marketing reporting and analytics, matrices and ratios to quantify results and a real ROI (e.g., CPL (cost per lead), CPA (cost per acquisition), and LV (lead value)). 4M Software also provides staff and office analytics and short- and long-term follow-up communications to maximize conversions (e.g., ratios for leads to appointments set and appointments set to appointments shown). Demographics are included in the report to help build long-term growth strategies. These reports can be used for split testing and to help implement strategic marketing campaigns through office-based demographic data. Setting goals is important to tracking success, and that’s what we encourage with our clients on an office-by-office basis. For example, with a dentist or dermatologist, we will first evaluate what they are generating per chair hour. Case study: Client X averaged $650 per chair hour. Within two years, we increased his chair hour performance to over $3,000 per hour. Since then, they don’t book any new appointments under $3,000. Anything under $3,000 is referred to another office. 
Basic software: our most popular software offering, used by most offices. In the attached overview, you’ll see how you can use our software to earn revenue of more than $250,000 per year. Intermediate software: a smaller percentage of offices, companies and groups use this software. Advanced software: used by marketing agencies, groups and franchises. The best way to learn about our software and all of its value-packed features is through a web conference or call. We will use this time to get to know your business, services and goals and to customize software solutions for your specific needs. We look forward to scheduling a demo with you to show you how 4M software can elevate your current success. 4M also has a variety of services including web development, marketing strategies, implantation of strategies and hands-on staff training. 
Being a part of the “Community Wellness Program” with MDP Worldwide provides special pricing to medical practices and having the cost covered 100% to those offering the complete wellness program. All the avenues of generating revenue for the practice or hospital that are offered through MDP Worldwide make the need for software as 4M that much greater. With 4M, you will become more organized and be able to monetize your efforts to build and sustain additional revenue streams. 

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