Implementing strategic partnerships across the healthcare industry to provide clinical and diagnostic service platforms to add value and deliver quality experiences.



We connect hospitals and medical practices to services that cut costs and increase revenue while effectively addressing patients’ needs and keeping each on the cutting edge of clinical and diagnostic advancement. Our strategic partners and subsidiaries are dedicated, experienced and prepared to serve your needs.


Step into the future of healthcare with MDP and its list of advanced specialties.


Both MDP Wellness Solutions and MDP’s Community Wellness Programs, which are set up with Hospitals, Medical Practices, Health & Fitness related businesses and Community Centers, you will find an experienced Physician with the expertise and knowledge of preventive medicine. That Physician who focuses on an advanced wellness plan for each patient as top priority of their practice. MDP offers that Physician the programs and products accompanied with technology to better care for each patient.


MDP along with our strategic partnersare currently working with over 1,000 Physicians and Hospitals coast to coast providing solutions each month and providing the technology to better interact the patient with the physician. MDP’s customer service is unsurpassed, and the priority that is given toeach and everyclient’s needs speaks for itself.


Whether you are a hospital looking for value added programs and products to increase revenue and better engage your community, a medical practice looking to drive traffic through the doors or an individual that is concerned about your health or the health of a loved one, MDP and our valued physicians are here to help.


See What People are Saying About MDP...

Jeff Gibson, CEO
MDP Worldwide After looking at the issues with healthcare, I soon recognized the many needs that Americans are facing and it is due to those needs that our group of MDP companies were formed. Each and every member of MDP has the same mission: to help people live healthier and longer lives. In order to truly assist in this mission, we at MDP recognized: #1 the need for physicians to be educated on the most advanced testing available to them and to have those tests as soon as possible; #2 the needs facing our hospital systems across America to financially survive and grow as the needs of their area grows; #3 the needs of Americans to have an easy line of communication with a healthcare professional who can evaluate each individual based on their body and habits; #4 the ability to locate a physician that not just practices medicine but practices preventive care so each have the opportunity to correct potential issues before they become an illness or to catch major issues within the stages, as we take healthcare very serious. Tommy Kee, CFO and VP of Finance & Compliance
MDP Worldwide Having worked several years for Dr Paul Brown (founder and CEO of Hearx Ltd ) as the CFO, I was extremely happy to learn about the opportunity to join the team at MDP Worldwide LLC and to return to the healthcare industry. As I have become more involved with our contracted hospitals and diagnostic labs as well as our various marketing teams that are acquiring medical practices nationwide, I recognize the importance of MDP more than ever in helping these medical organizations in their needs for financial growth, better lab results and customer service.
Paul Brown MD, Lead Advisor
MDP Worldwide During my reign at MetPath (later became Quest Diagnostics), we did not have molecular testing available. Molecular testing is the way of the future as it allows physicians to diagnose and treat health issues within their early stage or before becoming an issue at all. MDP is leading the way into the future. Dr. Paul Brown is recognized as a pioneer of diagnostic lab testing being the founder of MetPath which later was named Quest Diagnostics and is a leader in the industry today. Tom Mantz, Advisor
MDP Worldwide It's with great pleasure that I introduce MDP to the many hospitals I have personal relations. After forty years in the healthcare field I was able to immediately recognize the benefits to my hospitals which are phenomenal and for our healthcare communities which is fantastic. GM Scott McNeely, EVP 
World Taekwon-Do Alliance 9th Degree 
Black Belt With 47 years devoted towards martial arts, health and fitness not only for myself and my family but for thousands of martial artists around the world, I quickly recognized the needs that MDP is fulfilling. These advanced molecular tests accompanied with the complete wellness panel and allergy panel should be a must for everyone. With the quality of life being best when you are healthy I highly recommend to everyone that I know to have their physician run these panels on them as it just might save their life.
Harold Bafitis D.O., MPH, FACOS, FACS 
 Dr. Harold Bafitis is a double board certified plastic surgeon, board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as general surgery. He has been in active practice in the West Palm Beach area of Florida for over 25 years. An active and emerging aspect of his practice has been the field of optimal wellness. Dr. Bafitis’ philosophy is pure and simple: “What’s the benefit of restoring function to a damaged body part via reconstructive plastic surgery or creating a more youthful physical body via cosmetic surgery of the face and body when one does not take care of the inner being?” The inner being includes a five-pillared strategy for well being... 1. Optimum NUTRITION. 2. Systematic and daily program of EXERCISE. 3. Absolute bioidentical and age-appropriate HORMONE REPLACEMENT. 4. Significant and straightforward SUPPLEMENTS to balance the first three pillars. 5. The most significant is STRESS REDUCTION and creating STRATEGIES FOR HAPPINESS. Dr. Bafitis has been chosen to be an exclusive wellness provider, and he is utilizing MDP Labs for his metabolic panel, food allergy panel and genetic testing to see how certain drugs interact and if his patients can even tolerate certain drugs. Many times reaction to drugs is determined genetically and avoiding these drugs will create the pathway for use of proper medication to alleviate long-term illness. MDP Labs is a national leader in providing objective parameters to wellness utilizing complete metabolic panels with blood chemistries, hormone analysis as well as food allergy testing, and, of course, the most significant and important and influential aspect for our future is genetic testing.
Dr. Vincent Dolce With a lifetime of healthcare, nutrition and Hormone Replacement Therapy, I was pleased to find MDP Labs. Their Wellness panel, along with the food allergy panel and the PGX, give me the necessary information to take our patients to optimal health. The future of medicine is preventing disease in the first place. I feel that MDP Labs puts me out in front of the competition by providing me the most comprehensive testing available. Michael Ray Richardson, NBA My name is Michael Ray Richardson. I am a former NBA player. I do recognize how important MDP is to health and fitness as it has helped me through my career and into retirement. I think the testing is so important to let you know where you're at with your body. Simone Gibson, EVP (Florida)
 As a health enthusiast and a mother, I am constantly monitoring the diet and foods my daughter and I consume as well as keeping us both on a structured exercise program. Both diet and exercise have become a way of life within our household. With the special tests being offered through our doctor and provided by MDP Labs, we have a better understanding of our bodies and the needs we might have been neglecting. The wellness panel has provided us a much needed insight into our dietary needs that were being missed, and the allergy panel has helped us locate the issue my daughter has been experiencing for years with her back breaking out with an irritating rash. I advise each person to run these same tests on themselves and their loved ones.
Erik Johnson (California) During the last twenty years, I have owned and operated drug and alcohol treatment centers from California to Florida. It is with this experience that I suggest every doctor recognize the benefits of collecting additional data on their patients to make a proper assessment of their well being. The various testing provided by MDP Labs stands alone from any lab I have dealt with in the past. My suggestion is that everyone get a DNA test, has a complete wellness panel run as well as an allergy panel. Not just in marketing but in health, Data is everything! Terry Lantz, The Palm Beach Punisher As a former professional boxer and current federal employee being stationed within various countries around the world, I find it the utmost of importance to constantly monitor my health. The team at MDP, particularly Jeff Gibson, have helped me install and maintain proper training to fit my needs. The advanced testing provided by MDP Labs is a must for everyone as we only live once and without these tests we might never see what's coming. If you get no other test, have your physician order the complete wellness panel.




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