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There’s little doubt that Americans are actively looking for better ways to stay healthy, and modern medicine is paying close attention to their quest.


The compelling benefits of vitamin IV therapy are well reported in mainstream media and through celebrity endorsements, making it attractive to even the most health conscious people.


Internet search results reveal thousands upon thousands of websites and companies focusing on more natural approaches to health and wellness.


There are seven IV infusion kits to choose from, each containing everything you need, from a set of gloves to a single-dose vial, eliminating the risk of human error and contamination. All of the ingredients are sourced from a 503B FDA-registered pharmacy so sterile nutrients are of top quality.


“When I met the owners of Liquivida, I was impressed with their knowledge of health and wellness. They aligned with our vision very well. The onboarding process has been a wonderful experience!” As a cardiologist, Dr. Davis stresses to his patients the valuable role of nutrition in heart health and longevity. Even with the abundance of supporting information available about health and wellness, heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States. Partnering with physicians like Dr. Davis gives Liquivida the ability to further its mission of educating the public on best health practices and even how to manage certain kinds of chronic diseases later in life.


She linked symptoms of chronic fatigue to long hours of work and travel- a common mistake in our work-intensive society. After learning of her deficiency, Dr. Howard Newman, who oversees Liquivida at East West Physicians in Coconut Creek, FL, combined vitamin D intramuscular injections with her regular IV therapy regimen to fill this void.


Vitamin D sufficiency prevents skeletal disorders such as rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. With calcium, vitamin D protects older adults, especially women, from osteoporosis.


In Phoenix, Arizona, Liquivida recently partnered with Gonestead Physical Medicine, a well known chiropractic center.


This integrated location will see a 25% jump in sales (during their first year) by offering vitamin IV therapy through Liquivida with 75% of its sales being generated from its current client base.


Under the integrated model, partner locations have access to lead generation programs, marketing support, call handling and more.


Because we target a wide range of consumers, male and female between 32- 65 years of age, we offer many different vitamin IV drips and intramuscular injections. We aim to improve the quality of life through lifestyle management, the latest approach in proactive health and wellness.


Adding IV Therapy to your hospital or practice is a large step in forming a Complete Wellness Program along with bettering the health of existing patients, creating traffic through your door as word spreads throughout the community and developing a very substantial revenue stream as well.


Upon your request a complete business plan to include a menu of each IV along with the margins will be sent to you.




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